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BRITA started the Professional line of business in 1980. The partner for "out of home" water filtration (HoReCa and Vending) has been an independent subsidiary since the beginning of 2010 under the BRITA GmbH umbrella and has since traded as BRITA Professional GmbH & Co. KG. A filter solution to any water problem and for any application—that is the standard that BRITA Professional has set for itself. This has resulted in the emergence of the PURITY product range over the last few years. The name PURITY is synonymous with the highest level of product safety, simple handling and reliable drinking water optimisation for improvement of drinking water for applications involving food. PURITY filters are available as large filters and in cartridge format. No more laborious servicing of high-quality machines, as reliably reducing limescale-building ions in the water provides protection against limescale build-up. This increases the lifespan of the machines significantly and saves users' money, Unwanted tastes and odours are removed from the water, which then allows the aromas of the beverages and meals themselves to fully develop. Be it in the fields of coffee, vending, combi ovens, conventional ovens, dishwashing technology or water coolers plumbed to the mains water supply—all over the world customers in the restaurant industry trust in BRITA Professional as the experts when it comes to drinking water optimisation.