Founded in 1955, our Company is a family owned and independent Company. We conceive and manufacture all our devices in France. We sell our products on the national and international levels, thanks to a network of sellers-fitters. More than 140 persons work on two autonomous sites of production and we are established on 32 000 square meters. ► ZI de l’hippodrome - Plant and head office. ► ZI de Kervillou – Specialized in the equipments for food-processing, ready-made meal industries, self-service counters and stainless steel furniture. Our products are meant to be used for preparation, cooking, distribution, reheating, dishwashing area, and stainless steel furniture for : ► Catering, ► Institutions, ► Caterer - delicatessen, ► Ready-made meal and food processing industries. We want to be your partner, this is the reason why we provide you quality and performances.