Carrier offers a iPelican equipment


Built-in and external refrigeration

Best profits for your store Refrigerated food is a long-standing feature of modern retail. One trailblazer in this field was Carl von Linde (1842-1934), scientist, inventor and entrepreneur. Some 130 years back, on August 9, 1877, this pioneer of refrigeration technology received the first patent on his refrigeration machine - a first step toward modern refrigeration applications in research, industry, commerce and household. Today, Carrier Refrigeration manufactures refrigerated and freezer display cases for all segments of the retail food trade as well as refrigeration systems for industry and commercial uses – worldwide. Following in the trail of its founder, and sharing his thirst for knowledge, Carrier Kältetechnik Deutschland GmbH has always invested heavily in research and development. In early 2007, a modern Lead Design Center for product innovations was inaugurated at the company’s Mainz-Kostheim site in the Hesse region. Since 2004, Carrier Kältetechnik Deutschland GmbH has been part of Carrier Corporation, Farmington, Connecticut, the world's largest company providing heating, air conditioning and refrigeration solutions, with operations in 170 countries. It is part of United Technologies, a Hartford, Connecticut-based provider of high-technology products and support services for the aerospace and building systems industries. Value add for our customers Services, products and system solutions, continually improved by Carrier Refrigeration to lead in merchandising, ergonomics and energy efficiency, provide our industrial and commercial customers with genuine value. Carrier Refrigeration offers refrigerated and freezer display cases with separate refrigeration systems as in the Modular Line range, or in self-contained “plug-in” version as in the Compact Line range. All types are available in our wide product portfolio: serve-over counters, multidecks, islands, wallsides, verticals and combination cases. Condensing units, multicompressor packs, and liquid chillers from Carrier are cost-effective refrigeration systems that embody reliable and environmentally sound refrigeration technology. Carrier Refrigeration is also an experienced partner for process- and storage-refrigeration solutions worldwide. High quality and technical innovations are the foundation for success. In addition, our tailored service solutions for refrigeration systems and display cases support effective life cycle cost management. Also available are various services that can be selected to match individual needs and investment levels.