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CITROCASA stands for decades of experience in the areas of machine technology and orange cultivation. Huge responsibilities are accepted when food products are produced with technical machines. CITROCASA’s goal is to fulfil these high requirements in the best possible way. The requirements are versatile. For us, the areas „machine technology“ and „orange juice quality“ are substantial. 1) Machine technology: The following criterias are met with all CITROCASA products: • Optimum product hygiene • High product safety • Highest juice purity (with the SCS-System) • Wide field of application • Long life span • Convincing machine readiness. 2) Orange juice quality: Special measures from CITROCASA begin in the field: • Sophisticated irrigation technology on the plantations • Oranges are fully ripened on the tree • Excellent fruit taste with a high yield • Avoidance of fungicides and pesticides • Untreated after the harvest • Full accordance with existing laws: EU-Fruit juice law, EU-Residue amounts law.