Clabogroup offers a iPelican equipment


Hall furniture

Gastronorm containers and sheet pans

Built-in and external refrigeration

Rack stands

Clabo Group has been created in 2001 from a company working in the catering furnishing field: Orion, based in Jesi (AN).

In September 2002 Artic company, situated in Montellabate (PS), joined the group as well as FB De Ranieri did, in December 2004,  moving his head office from Massa (MS) to Jesi. In April 2005 the American distributor, owner of the OTL brand, was merged to the group and started marketing Orion products in the US.

Clabo Group grew very quickly from 17 million turnover in 2001 to over 62* in 2006, and today, with more than 400 dealers between the Italian head offices and the American branch, based in Union City (CA), represents the leading group in Europe as for professional showcases for ice-cream and patisserie.