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Innovation and tradition have gone hand-in-hand at Cool Compact for more than three decades. To the south of Stuttgart we apply Swabian precision to develop, design and produce a wide range of refrigeration devices for our international customers. As the largest manufacturer of commercial cooling appliances in Germany, our expertise starts with the processing of stainless steel sheets, through high-pressing foam packing right up to and including the assembly and 100% inspection of our refrigeration appliances. Right from the start, we set new higher standards for the sector as far as the processing quality and the materials used are concerned. As a manufacturer of commercial cooling appliances in Germany, we introduced the technology of foam packed evaporators and made it part of the series production in 1998/1999. As a medium-sized family-owned company, we place great store on highly-rational production methods, carefully selected suppliers from Germany and Europe, and also well-trained and motivated staff in every part of our company. Our focus is always directed toward customer satisfaction. We look forward to a good and partnership-like working relationship with you.