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Refrigeration equipment

Built-in and external refrigeration

On March 6th 1954, like in a fairy tale, Kleanthis Tseklidis convinced his brother Ioannis to leave the steel mill and to start together their own business as manufactures of metal vessels for food. The good technical skills, the hard work, and the business spirit brought success. The company of the brothers expands and they have to move from the small home-factory. The new place and their ideas allow them to manufacture parallel to the vessels also ice tubes and ice boxes, but the production of a refrigerator seems still as a distanced dream. In few years this dream will come to life and the two brothers will celebrate their first commercial freezer. A new removal is now necessary. The production numbers start year by year to grow and after few decades the second generation, the sons, take the wheel of a small industry. To the steps of their fathers they modernize the whole structure of the company. They import new production methods and new ideas. The result is the growth and the removal of the company in new big facilities in Nea Santa. The new factory allows the brothers to place modern- heavy equipment and to realize a modern production line. In 1992 they rename the company CRYSTAL S.A. COOLERS & FREEZERS INDUSTRY which is hold until today.