Dito Sama the Specialist DITO SAMA is not just a renowned brand in the dynamic preparation market, but a promise of maximum performance and highest quality for the entire profession. The widest range of Dynamic Preparation Dito Sama offers the widest range in dynamic preparation. Vegetable Slicers, Food Processors, Planetary Mixers, Hand Mixers or Vegetable Peelers... You will find in our range all the products that took Dito Sama to fame and will continue to build on its outstanding reputation in the Foodservice industry. A tradition of excellence Our reputation is built on reliability and quality of our products that we have been delivering for over 50 years to the industry. It’s not only an ergonomic and practical tool for kitchens, but also an instrument of precision which will encourage the Chefs’ imagination. The Chefs’ assistant Whether you need to peel, cut, mince, mix, blend, knead, slice or whip, Dito Sama has time and labour saving solutions suitable for any size of professional environment, from the smallest restaurants to the largest installations. All the products have been studied and designed as ready-to-install, space saving, easy-to-use, move and clean in order to always guarantee the best in food quality. The Chefs can concentrate on their art: Cooking!