Dutchess Bakers' Machinery offers a iPelican equipment

Dutchess Bakers' Machinery

Electromechanical equipment

Dutchess Bakers' Machinery Company has been manufacturing high quality DOUGH DIVIDERS and DOUGH DIVIDER ROUNDERS for the foodservice industry since 1886! We are the originator and most respected & recognized name in the world for this kind of equipment. Bakers, Cooks and Chefs world-wide use Dutchess brand equipment to produce a wide variety of products including Buns, Breads, Pizza, Tortillas, Cookies, Pies and much more. By implementing Dutchess equipment into your foodservice operation, you will be able to Reduce Labor, Control Quality while improving Productivity and Portion Control. 

All Dutchess Models offer the highest degree of versatility, ease of operation and sanitation standards in the industry. In addition, we are so confident of the design, materials and manufacture of our equipment that we warranty every unit a full 2-years (parts & labor included).