Elektra offers a iPelican equipment


Bar and fast food equipment

Elektra is the brandname that from now on identifies the company owned by the Fregnan family. It stands for expertise and know-how. An enterprise which for almost half a century has been planning, producing and updating prime quality espresso coffee machines

Fifty years ago the Fregnan family had already ascertained that in order to secure a winning product they would need to produce a user-friendly as well as easy-to-handle product.
The result of this concept are the rational and minimum maintenance Elektra machines. Through the years a well-defined and fully committed marketing strategy has permitted the company to successfully penetrate the most important international markets. Today Elektra is a company that supplies a 48-hour spare parts delivery service throughhout the world and which employs computer systems for company management. Even so, the machines are still made, one by one, according to the unsurpassed methods of craftsman expertise. In our case we consider that there is no substitute for human resources.