In EURAST we have known to maintain and to harness the quality of our products, one of the fundamental guidelines so that the experience of more than 50 years and the work of the present become in the future still more signs and promising. EURAST, that from the year 1999 this within GRUPO MACFRIN (under the trade name of COOKING SYSTEMS, SL), counts on one of the greater European factories of the sector of hostelería with a surface covered with 27,000 m2. In her the amplest range of machinery for hostelería makes, up to 3000 different apparatuses: Kitchens, spits of chickens, plates, frytops, tilted freidoras, kettles, frying pans, mixed barbecues, cook-pastes, baths Maria, furnaces and furnaces convection, furnaces of pizzas, furnaces of roasted, tables and closet I warm up, bells extractors, supermarkets, tables of work, sinks, bookcases, buffets, cars on watch, industrial cold (botelleros, low and against counters, tables you cold, ensaladeras tables, tables preparation of pizzas, gastro cheffs, closets of conservation, fish and of freezing, tables you cold for pastry shops).