Since 2002, EGS | EuroGastroStar has been a leader in the production of professional ovens for catering/baking: a leadership based on solid experience and one that over the years continues to take its ideas from the needs of users and then translate those needs into products. 
EGS |EuroGastroStar began operating in 2002 as a small-scale industrial unit and has been moving ahead with significant progress before reaching its present form. At the beginning of the 2009, the company built its own premises at the Ulukent Industrial Zone of the Izmir, where it was transferred in mid of the 2010.
EGS Kitchen equipments, manufacturing by our company and having a significant position all around Turkey has been taking a part in Europe by its quality. 
EGS Kitchen has been processing all productions on CNC workbenches equipped with high-developed computer technology and effecting final montages with professional masters. All equpments appropriate to World Standards as in all features of equipments. EGS has reached to that quality stage by giving importance to human health.