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Bar and fast food equipment

He was a born inventor who liked to experiment with stainless steel. When he was designing dishwashers or manufacturing sink units he drank coffee. While he drank coffee he invented his own coffee machine. Manufacture of the first coffee machine to bear his company name, EDEA 2x7 litre, began in 1968. Alvar and his small workforce battled on in Charlottenberg with their machines that became known for their high quality. One of the employees was Stig Månsson who took over EDEA in 1981. Georg Möller began manufacture of the first Coffee Queen in Stockholm in 1983 but manufacture was subsequently subcontracted. When the two met a merger was inevitable. EDEA would manufacture Coffee Queen. Georg Möller bought EDEA in 1986. Since then there has been rapid development. From five employees the company expanded to 65 in just a few years. There will probably be more as the rest of the world realises what good coffee the easy to look after coffee queens from Värmland brew.