La Felsinea is one of the top market manufacturers of professional food processing machinery in Italy. Its origins date back to 1933 when this renowned company was founded in Bologna. Many years have passed since then, but La Felsinea has always remained a company in the forefront thanks to its vocation for innovation and commitment to constant product improvement. The well-known trademark showing the Garisenda and Asinelli towers in Bologna has always been the symbol of machinery and equipment of the highest quality

The La Felsinea production plant and offices are located in Piazzola sul Brenta, just a few kilometres from Padua, in a modern structure completed in 2002 and equipped with the latest industrial technology. This new plant (easily reached in only a few minutes from the Padova Ovest motorway exit)aproduces machines and equipment that are superior for their quality design and construction, machines whose advanced performance levels are combined with ergonomics and streamlined design. The company aim is to create increasingly and constantly improved and upgraded "work instruments" and equipment for use in the widely varied field of restaurants, cafйs, food distribution, butcheries, and meat processing plants, helping operators to perform their work in accurate, efficient, rapid, hygienic and safe conditions.

IIn this "mission" La Felsinea is guided by its capacity to listen to its customers, understanding their needs, and each time creating the most suitable solutions for each category. By describing his problems and suggestions, the customer is the most precious source of information, indicating the best direction to be followed for product improvement.
Already extremely vast, the La Felsinea product range is constantly being developed and upgraded. Among the most popular products is the wide variety of equipment for butcheries and meat processing. However, La Felsinea is also renowned in the field of machines for professional cooks and restaurants in general. The products are often supplied in diversified versions so that each customer can choose the model that best satisfies his needs. Conformity with international standards in the field of hygiene and safety is an essential starting point for operating successfully in such a delicate sector, so strictly linked with public health and safety. Here too, La Felsinea is a company well in the forefront, always ready to adopt any new ideas in evolution and progress. Another strong point of this company, is their rapid and efficient after sales service both in Italy and abroad, through a carefully selected sales network.