Hackman is an independent Business Unit within Metos group. Hackman develops, manufactures, markets and sells through its distributors high quality professional kitchen equipment, designed especially for the Northern-European food production culture. Hackman is the largest Scandinavian manufacturer in cooking equipment, food distribution, kitchen trolleys and stainless steel workstations Hackman’s production facilities are located in Finland (in Kerava and Sorsakoski) and in Tallinn, Estonia. The Hackman headquarters are in Kerava, Finland. The Hackman product range has been developed during the years to serve especially the needs of the demanding Northern-European professional kitchens. This is the geographical area Hackman supplies with its full product assortment. Outside this area, Hackman offers selected products that help professional kitchens increase their productivity and quality with their unique features and capabilities. Our partners Hackman works in markets throughout the world with carefully selected local partners like Metos and other distributors, and international chains. For a listing of partners, please see the Dealers page. Quality and environment We have been granted the ISO 9001:2000 quality certificate and the ISO 14001:2000 environmental certificate, being the only company in its branch in Finland with the certificates covering all the operations, not only production, but also the sales, after sales and administration processes. We are committed to environmentally sensitive thinking. In the planning, production and delivery of professional kitchens we continuously develop new, more environmentally friendly solutions. In order to achieve improvements we work closely with customers, suppliers and service companies. We have been actively creating an environmental program focusing especially on the following points: - In training, we teach our customers new more efficient food preparation methods based on a more efficient food preparation equipment. The objective is to reduce the energy and water consumption of professional kitchens, in addition to improving the efficiency of food preparation. - We minimize the amount of waste produced in the production and delivery of the products by sorting and recycling. All remaining waste, mostly of stainless steel, is recycled. - The environmental impact of discarded products is reduced when the right materials are used in the structures.