HL Display is a leading international supplier of products and solutions for in-store communication and merchandising to the food and non-food retail sectors. The company is also a leading supplier of products and solutions to brand manufacturers for merchandising on the shelf and in other parts of the store. HL Display is an international company operating in 48 markets in Western and Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Asia. In 36 of these markets we have our own subsidiaries, while the other 12 are served by selected distributors. HL Display was founded in 1954 and has a turnover of approximately 180 M€ (2011) and employs around 1100 people. The company was first listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange in 1993. Following a takeover of the principal owner Ratos the share was delisted on 17 September 2010. Optishop™ and Brandman™ - our product brands In order to create focus on our unique competence and clearly differentiate ourselves from our competitors, we use two product brands in addition to the corporate brand HL. The product brands are Optishop™ and Brandman™. HL Display's factories HL Display has a total of four factories in Sweden, China, Poland and the UK.