IFI offers a iPelican equipment


Refrigeration equipment

IFI S.p.A. is the founding company of INDUSTRIEIFI, important industrial group, leader in innovative design and technological solutions in furnishing public premises, made of 2 companies (IFI S.p.A., IRD S.r.l.) and present on the international market with 5 commercial trademarks (IFI, DSL, Metalmobil, Rossi Dimension, Coletti). INDUSTRIEIFI currently has over 400 employees, distributed in the 65.700 sq. M of production establishments placed amongst the provinces of Pesaro, Rimini and Treviso. The unceasing research and development activity, the development of young talents inserted in a web with fifty years of experience and collaborators of international fame, are the distinctive signs of a company with innovation in its DNA. Founded in Pesaro in 1962 as a crafts company specialised in the production of bar furniture, IFI marks the history of the industrial bar counter, thanks to the constant innovations that, from time to time, have set new reference standards for the sector. IFI is responsible for building the first industrial bar counter (‘'60s), the first industrial modular bar counter (’70s), the first metal structure and tubular frames system (’80s), and the first, conceptually explosive, furnishing philosophy for public premises Platinum IFI Concept (2005), result of the renowned collaboration between the industrial designer Makio Hasuike and the IFI Research & Development department. Today the company continues to consolidate its leading role in the public premises furnishing sector, with over 3000 installations every year. In 2000, IFI rightfully entered the world of homemade gelato with its style, in a short time proposing the widest range of technologies to the world. In fact, IFI offers a wide range of linear display cabinets, and is the first company to propose ventilated cooling as a new frontier in the dipping wells counter, with sensitive benefits compared to the traditional glycol. But the biggest innovation is certainly Tonda, the first round and rotary display cabinet in the history, perfect synthesis of dipping well counters that enhance gelato preservation, and the traditional display cabinets, that display flavours winningly. IFI became a member of ADI (Associazione per il Disegno Industriale) (Industrial Design Association) in 2006 and Tonda, already selected for publishing in the ADI Design Index 2006 volume, obtained the Nomination Award (‘Segnalazione Compasso d’Oro’) in 2008. In the name of Michele Provinciali (1921-2009), one of the historical creators of Italian graphics, the Segno della Tonda, presented at the Triennale (Italian Certificate Award) in May 2008.