The Jeremy Company began it's activity during ninetieths. First under the name "Jeremi Mroczkowski i ska". As a resault of the expansion to the foreign markets we were forced to change the name of the company to something easier to pronounce - "Jeremy". For the last 10 years we achieved to make a great progress fully surprising the competition. First, our offer contained only one machine of our own production (flour siever) but at the end of 2002 year there are more then 30 differnt machines. All the them are based on our own technology and are produced by our company. This gives record number of 3 production iculcaties per year ! The company creativity is also represented by a great number of the patented technology solutions which are the confirmation ot the uniquity and unchallenged quality of our machines. Currently "Jeremy Sp. Z o.o." company is the largest bakery equipment producer in Poland and very clearly outdistance polish competition with regards to the range of the products and hi-tech solutions. The above finds it's confirmation in a large number of rewards and favorities and also in a large scale export to demending UE markets, U.S.A, South Korea or Taiwan. The ideology of our company consist of the three simple words: "quality, reliability, durability". This motto forces all the workers, starting with designers, engineers through merchant section and production to permanent education during everyday work to create, as a resault, products on the highest world level. Proposed solutions are not only the newest technology and designes for the baking and confectioning but also understanding of our customer's needs, flexibility to individual needs and all this for a competitive prices.