By producing with a fully robotized procedure a machine every 3 minutes - from steel-sheet to cardboard-box - KROMO is since many years among the world leading companies in professional Dish-washing & Ware-washing machines production.

Part since 2004 of ALI Group the well-known World’s #1 in production of Catering equipment, KROMO develops within its own engineering department machines of any kind for the most various applications: from the Ho.Re.Ca. sector, to the food preparation industry, to large users as, for example, the Cruise-liners or Hospitals.

The engineering, manufacturing and testing of the machines we deliver are managed by a team of skilled and experienced technicians, who guarantee the highest quality standard on our units, by mean of the most sophisticated control systems.

KROMO is not limited to supply standard machines suitable for your needs only but it develops and provides aimed solutions for each specific need with tight attention to running costs and environmental protection.