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Washing equipment

Sanitary and hygiene equipment

Experience, quality, performance, reliability: the strong points of the KRUPPS products are the first allies in their customers' success. Not simple machines, but technology and innovation coupled with the study of the sector's professionals, capable of meeting all the requirements of the catering world. KRUPPS is also a synonym of eco sustainability, a company that's always paid attention to the environment, efficiency and savings. The attention paid to research and development has played a vital role in the history and evolution of Krupps, constantly committed to creating concepts capable of seeing beyond standards. In 1987 the company developed the clean water washing system, one of the most significant innovations ever introduced into industrial washing processes, capable of matching washing efficiency with respect for the environment. Through the years the use of resources and energy in the research/development/control department has continued with the same intensity, with the objective of ensuring high and constant machine quality level. It’s not just the product that evolves, it’s the company itself.