LOTUS spa was set up in Zoppè di San Vendemiano (TV) in 1985 and started out by manufacturing cooking systems for small catering settings. Its products stand out for their utter functionality and compact size. Subsequently, LOTUS extended its production also to “professional 65 and 70 and then 90cm depth" lines, devising cooking systems for all kitchen settings, including trattorias, restaurants and cooking centres. Over the years, LOTUS broadened the range of products on offer, and it can now boast cooking systems for all catering and restaurant settings. This development, intended for customers of all sizes, or business which grow and need to add to their existing cooking line efficiently and smoothly, has led LOTUS to consolidate its market share, where it has always stood out for its dynamic approach and innovative ability. Today, LOTUS spa operates from a facility covering a surface area of more than 8,000 square metres, capable of successfully supplying and catering to the needs of over 2,000 customers distributed throughout Europe and the rest of the world, from Scandinavia to Eastern Europe, Arab Countries, North Africa, the Americas, Asia and Oceania.