We want to present our trade offer of the wide range of catering equipment designed and produced by our company. Since 1951 LOZAMET has been the most experienced polish producer of the machines,various appliances and stainless steel furniture for restaurants,canteens and all kinds of food serving establishments. Thanks to the continuous improving of our products, the application of new technologies, high quality materials and innovative design solutions we have achieved the main position in the market. The wide range of our products and their high quality confirmed by European certificates allow us to equip every professional kitchen. Our products are conformable with the HACCP regulations. The main purpose is the professional and complex customers' support ,so besides the wide assortment of goods we also offer: complete project of kitchen equipment technical and sanitary consultations staff training delivery and assembling of the purchased equipment guarantee and post-guarantee service. We kindly invite our customers to visite our showroom in the factory. LOZAMET Co.Ltd.