MARTELLATO srl is an Italian Company manufacturing and distributing   professional equipment for artisan laboratories such as bakeries, pastry and ice cream shops.
The range of products is huge and comprises various product lines as chocolate, sugar, bread equipment, as well as decoration and every kind of moulds (to be baked and not) and also cake stands.

Been born like family business on early ‘80 , today it’s a strong company disposing a broad network of distributors worldwide : from Europe to North Africa , from Americas to Middle East . 
These product’s variety permits to successful enter on hotel-restaurant-catering market too.
The main goals are from a part the client’s satisfaction, from the other the trend to realise new products advancing the client’s requirements.

Martellato has facilities in which the R&D together with Sales Department strictly cooperate and, sharing their knowledge, they aim to develop and enlarge the product’s range introducing on the market new and innovative items every year .

The company recently made important investments both on quality control and especially on manufacturing flexibility that not only allow being competitive in the international markets, but also to deal with the largest alimentary industries by supplying personalised equipment that are integrated to the industrial production.