Mastro offers a iPelican equipment


Heating equipment

Refrigeration equipment

Electromechanical equipment

Bar and fast food equipment

Washing equipment

General equipment

Food display and distribution equipment

Packing equipment

Sanitary and hygiene equipment

Water treatment equipment


Confectionery supplies

Knives and accessories

Gastronorm containers and sheet pans

Food containers and thermoboxes

Kitchen utensils

Bar utensils

Built-in and external refrigeration


Washers and dryers

Trolleys and racks


Since 1990, we express our creativity through the confluence of technology and elegance. Mastro understands the specific needs from a chef from preparation about cooking, serving, cooling up to washing equipment. Mastro - a brand that stands for Innvoation and functionality: With accurate focus on the development of products has succeeded to achieve the lens of quality for furnishing hotels and public buildings. Turnkey solutions and special inquiries are guaranteed through a worldwide distributor network. Mastro - an established brand with character; products for professional kitchens which are absolute efficienct and safety.