Constant technological research, innovation, strong commercial diversification from America to the Far East, top materials and production quality are the company’s pride, thanks to technicians and workers who have grown their skills in sixty years of activity. Omas has kept its handicraft nature along with a deep technological improvement and constant innovation in equipment, premises and processing techniques, in order to meet all customer’s needs and customize production to the most specific requests. Our company is a bit like a haute couture tailor’s workshop. More than ever, innovation remains the best strategy against foreign competition today, often favoured by lower costs. The best way to assure top quality of materials and procedures is by monitoring every working stage: from metal fusion to anodization and polishing, from turning to the assemblage of machine parts, each procedure is carried out within Omas’s premises, in Italy. At Omas we believe that every machine is not only an object, but it represent all those who have helped making it, from designers to foundrymen and assemblers, to all those who do their best in every day’s work. No detail is left to chance, only thus can the experience of a reliable firm such as Omas meet the market’s ever changing needs: innovating without losing sight of a sixty-year long work.