Orest offers a iPelican equipment


Heating equipment

Refrigeration equipment

Food display and distribution equipment

This is the simple, fast payback equipment from the Ukrainian manufacturer, with not too high exploration costs and reliable in operation as well as it has an attractive view.

The equipment has been manufacturing since 1993, and during the years, since the beginning of the manufacturing invaluable experience has been gained as well as the equipment have been subjected to a lot of advances and improvements many of which were suggested by our clients and partners. The manufacturing process and technology are continuously improving.

Continuous work on product differentiation and improvement of product quality is performed. Practically it is impossible to designate even one year during which new types of products were not manufactured or when products that are already being manufactured were not improved. High quality of equipment and its safety are proved by annual tests that are performed by Ukmetrteststandard laboratory. High-quality stainless steel from the leading world manufacturers of rolled metal products is used in the production process.