Pidion offers a iPelican equipment


Automatic identification

Did you know that Bluebird's Pidion BIP-6000 was world's first rugged handheld computer with built-in RFID reader? Did you know that Bluebird's Pidion BIP-1000 was world's first printer-integrated mobile POS that supports mobile communications? These are Bluebird's commitment to innovations that businesses and governments around the world have turned to. You can find Bluebird, among global manufacturers of handheld mobile devices, uniquely positioned to serve customers in both AIDC (Automatic Identification and Data Collection) and payment solutions. From a shop around the corner to the Fortune 500 companies, and from a police officer on the street to a secure government agency, Bluebird has an extensive customer base. We are proud that our customers rely on our conceptual innovations and experiences built upon our long history. By listening to voice of markets, we are able to deliver rich opportunities for our channel partners and best TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) and flexible solutions for customers with right products and right services. Our handheld mobile solutions are available through 600 channel partners around the world. We, Bluebird, designer and producer of Pidion handheld mobiles, have headquarters in Seoul, Korea and operate corporate offices in North America and Asia.