Yeşilyayla Kesici Aletler Ltd. Şti. is a family company that has been in business producing knives and cutters in Bursa for 6 generations since the year of 1879. The company performs its production in a 2500 m2 closed area with over 100 workers and a daily production capacity of 15,000 pieces. The main products that the company produces are Kitchen Knives, Meat Knives, Chef Knives and Knife Sets. Alongside these products, some agricultural tools and high precision knives used in food processing machinery are also produced within the body of the factory. The greatest advantage of ‘Yeşilyayla Kesici Aletler’ is that all of the steps required for knife production are able to be carried out under the same roof and all can be controlled thoroughly. The company takes all the raw materials into its body and dispatches them to its customers as finished and packaged products. ‘Yeşilyayla Kesici Aletler’ has two main brands; PIRGE and KESSER. PIRGE develops products suitable for professional users and industrial use while KESSER has focused on products suitable for home-use. The company’s two brands PIRGE and KESSER have their products distributed to the whole of Turkey and their products are also exported to 22 countries in the Turkic Republics, Middle East, Northern Africa, and mainly Europe. Company: Yeşilyayla Kesici Aletler Madeni Eşya ve İnşaat San. Tic. Ltd. Şti. Address: Eski Gemlik Yolu Yıldız Sk. No:50 Osmangazi / Bursa Year of establishment: 1879 Brands: PİRGE KESSER Distribution Channels: Supermarkets, Industrial Equipment Wholesalers and Glassware Stores Price Segment: Middle and Upper-Middle Class International: Exportation to 22 countries in Central and Western Europe, Turkic Republics, Middle East and North Africa Export Rate: 25%