Porkka is an internationally recognized designer and manufacturer of Refrigeration and Food and Drink Storage/Display Equipment. The range incorporates Chilled, Frozen and Heated options. Major clients include commercial kitchens, restaurants, fast food outlets, hotels, industrial canteens, hospitals, laboratories and retailers throughout Europe. Porkka was established in 1962. At the end of 2006 our production expanded considerably by purchasing the Skycold Group. Porkka has affiliated companies in Sweden, Norway and UK. Our factories are located in Hollola and Kemijärvi, Finland. Our main markets outside of Finland include Scandinavia, United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, Holland, Belgium, France, Russia and the Baltics regions. 80% of the companies’ turnover is derived from foreign transactions and exports. Ongoing and adaptive development supported by numerous foreign subsidiaries and representatives ensures our continued success. Pokka’s continued success is based on decades of experience, customer focused design and continuous product development. New innovative products are launched each year. Porkka is part of the Huurre Group