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Sistema Project was established as Project Systems in 1991; we participated for the first time in the Expo in Milan in November 1992. We grew up in the first four years thanks to our best seller: a "clean water" dishwasher still in range. After the Expo 92, we started the marketing and our first markets were Austria, France and Germany. We have extended subsequently and gradually throughout Europe. We have been present at all subsequent editions of the Expo, we attended fairs abroad as equip hotel in Paris, Lyon Sirha the Hostelco in Madrid and Barcelona. Gradually, over the years, we have added to the clean water series, also other conventional models, like the E series and the S series, as well as the double skin T series. The range has then gradually expanded to include hood dishwashers, and the 2003 model CT100, rack-conveyor. We also point out the S100, frontal utensil washer with an exceptional quality/price ratio and the T255 hood utensil washer. The second half of 2007 for Sistema Project marks a turning point in its history. It's been officially launched the new line of UNICA dishwasher on the occasion of the exhibition in Milan, revolutionizing the market of industrial washing with a product combining a stylish and functional design and new technical measures which guarantee excellent results of washing and low energy consumption. Moreover the clean water systems finally became affordable for all. Project's range has also widened thanks to new models of rack-conveyors such as the CT130, CT170 and CT220, added to the first model, CT100, and therefore constituting a further investment in this particular area of industrial washing machines.