Starmix offers a iPelican equipment


Electromechanical equipment

STARMIX company has been founded in 1999 in the industrial triangle area formed by Thiene, Marano and Schio, otherwise known as the “Altovicentino”, an area known for being the cradle of many specialized in production of machinery and ovens for the “white art” (bakery and pastry equipment).Given the high concentration of these firms on the territory it can be said that Altovicentino is an industrial district for bakery products machines. The company STARMIX is located and developed in a very favorable geographical context featuring an “industrial atmosphere” rich of professionalism, technical skill and technology. In this background where an efficient network of sub-suppliers works in support of the firms it is possible to have new ideas and carry out advanced technological research. In this context STARMIX specialized in manufacturing planetary mixers for small and industrial pastry, for bakery, confectionery, catering, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries and developed itself following a “step-by-step” philosophy has been able to place itself among the leaders of the sectors in a very short span of time.