Zebex offers a iPelican equipment


Automatic identification



ZEBEX was founded in 1987; we are a Taiwanese company dedicated to the production of Auto-ID equipment, both scanners and terminals. We focus on providing high-quality products, maintaining customer satisfaction through support, and the use of our own innovative technology to offer superior performance. Twenty years after our establishment, ZEBEX products are now available across the world; we support distributors in every continent (apart from Antarctica). ZEBEX scanners and handheld computers are seen in nearly every industry. You are as likely to encounter one of our systems in a retail environment, as you are next to a high-speed conveyor in a warehouse, or even being used a nurse to check medicines in a hospital. ZEBEX provides flexible hardware and the development tools to implement varied applications, and our focused experience gives customers the reassurance that they are fully supported. This Auto-ID expertise is the key to our sustainable growth, innovative products, and high customer satisfaction. High quality is also central to ZEBEX philosophy; this is reflected in our continued Taiwan only in-house manufacturing operation.