Visitor counters

FV-Products Кондор-2

максимальная ширина прохода 10 m, dimensions: 110x66x26 mm

FV-Products Кондор-3

максимальная ширина прохода 3 m, dimensions: 110x65x26 mm

FV-Products Кондор-7

максимальная ширина прохода 5 m, dimensions: 111x66x27 mm

K&S SD-305

максимальная ширина прохода 4 m, dimensions: 67x112x20 mm

For counting of visitors, analysing of traffic flows and understanding of the tendencies in trade is used such equipment, as visitors counters. They give information necessary for the successful work of stores. Using visitor counters you can get information about the percentage of visitors who make purchases, seasonal swing of demand for the offered goods, determine the ratio of revenues to foot traffic, and also can make conclusions about how to use the shopping area more effectively. Currently there are different counting systems. Perhaps, the most common are the infra-red counters. They work on the principle of an infrared beam breaking, and act as sensors photocells. Infrared counters visitors can distinguish the direction of motion, the opportunity lies in the bi-directional devices, and one-way counters simply record the total number of visitors. Furthermore, they may be horizontal or vertical, freestanding or operating from the mains. Information obtained from infrared counters can be displayed on the screens of their own devices or sent to a PC. Also in trade enterprises are used infrared counters, which are designed for identification based on thermal radiation, laser counting systems and visitor counters, that receive data based on information from the surveillance cameras.