Surveillance mirrors

Megaplast Circle Mirrors 300

viewing distance 5 m, diameter 300 mm

Megaplast Circle Mirrors 400

viewing distance 7 m, diameter 400 mm

Megaplast Circle Mirrors 500

viewing distance 8 m, diameter 500 mm

Megaplast Circle Mirrors 600

viewing distance 10 m, diameter 600 mm

Megaplast Circle Mirrors 700

viewing distance 12 m, diameter 700 mm

Megaplast Circle Mirrors 800

viewing distance 13 m, diameter 800 mm

Megaplast Hemisphere Mirrors 1000/360

viewing distance 13 m, diameter 1000 mm

Security mirrors are used in stores and allow you to monitor the hard-to-reach areas of salesrooms, for example, you can control what is happening behind the high shelves or in the corners of the shopping area, as well as in the cash passes. This allows to lay out all the goods on a checkout line. Thus, the use of security mirrors helps to prevent thefts in shops and supermarkets. Security mirrors may vary in form and are generally selected according to the needs of each individual store.