Феликс 02-К

heated, print quality 203 dpi, dimensions: 160x207x135 mm

Феликс РК

heated, print quality 203 dpi, number of characters per line - 38, dimensions: 160x207x135 mm

POS printer is a cash register machine and also receipt printer with fiscal memory fiscal memory, intended for organization of a cashier's working place and optimizing its activity. Herewith, fiscal printer is not a separate element, and functions as an integral part of the POS-system. Interacting with POS-system provides special channels of communication. Managing of fiscal register is produced by special software that allows you to work with different accounting systems (1C, etc.). This equipment is widely used in catering and trade enterprises. In this case, on the base of fiscal printer is built POS-system designed for automation of working places of the cashiers. Fiscal printers provide the realization of a number of operations aimed to the quality workmanship of trade enterprise and also enable generating of reports on demand and stock accounting. There are various kinds of such equipment. For example, fiscal thermal printing registers. They are characterized by noiseless and they don't require print cartridges. Furthermore, the number of fiscal printers may be equipped automatic cutters for receipts.