Yarus ТК

heated, receipt tape width - 57 mm, print speed - 75 lines/sec, dimensions: 180x75x85 mm

Cash register systems are used in trade and catering enterprises. Depending on the design there are several types of cash register machines - active and passive system, autonomic and fiscal data recorders. Self-maintained cash registers machines can be used in away variant of work, as they do not require connecting to the mains. Capability enhancement of these devices is achieved through the ability to connect of additional input-output devices. Passive cash registers can be used as self-maintained devices, as their design allows connecting to a computer, that is necessary for creating of automated systems. The active cash register machines not only work within computer cash register system, but also enable you to manage it. Furthermore, they can be used as self-maintained or passive cash register machines. Fiscal data recorders, also related to a cash register equipment, receive data through the communication channel and can operate exceptionally within computer cash register systems. Registration of cash register equipment is carried out according to the order approved by authority.