Accuracy is the politeness of kings. Therefore, any quality service implies accuracy. Perhaps giving short weight saves money, but the loss of customers, which occurs at the same time - nullify the whole economy. Your employees will say "Everything is exact!" if you supply your public catering establishment with all quality weighing equipment. For any catering facility, including restaurants and bars, one of the most important equipment are portioned scales. Choose weighing equipment in accordance with the volume of production of your catering establishment. For trade enterprises, supermarkets, hypermarkets are required label printing scales, allowing pre-packing of products, that speeds up the work of staff in rush hours. This equipment will improve profitability and reduce the costs for additional staff. Floor scales is equipment specially designed for those catering establishments, where are combined functions of the store and catering facility. Weighing equipment is an important element of any catering establishment including bars, restaurants and canteens.