Bar - is central place of most of the catering establishments, as well as in clubs. Well-equipped bar - a highlight of any catering facility and source of constant high profits. Up-to-date equipment provides you not only comfortable working space for the bartender, but also attracts additional visitors. On the contrary, lack of equipment can significantly reduce your competitiveness. So what should be in every bar? It is hard to imagine a good bar without various modern display cases. According to profile of facility display cases may be heated or also it may be a refrigerator. Above display cases it should be placed the equipment, that attracts visitors by its bright design, for example, frozen drink machine, glassy juice coolers or drink dispensers. The work area bartender everything should be on hand so that ergonomics of the workplace depends entirely on the speed of the bartender, and hence the revenue bar. Speed of work of a bartender completely depends on ergonomics of working place, that's why in workspace should everything be at hand. This aspect is one of the most important for revenue. Guidelines for bartender's workspace: — In the area of ​​coffee making it is generally placed coffee grinder, coffee machines and required for serving dishes. — In the zone of mixing drinks are usually set blenders or mixers for cocktails, juicers, icemakers and ice crushes. — In cold zone, next to refrigeration display case is installed equipment for making milkshakes, and also freezers for ice cream. Additionally, in the bar can be set such a profitable and popular equipment as karamelizer and popcorn makers. Take a place for self-service areas. Thus, you shirk off some work of your bartender upon visitors. That will allow you to increase efficiency of your bar greately. Traditionally, drink dispensers are placed in ​​self-service area. Don't forget: the optimal placement of furniture and equipment in the bar will provide your public establishment maximum rate of return.