'Apach Кофемолка apach acg1'

coffee type - granule, dimensions: 190x310x470 mm, mains power: 220 V, 50 Hz, 0.25 kW

'Apach Кофемолка apach acg2'

coffee type - granule, dimensions: 220x370x600 mm, mains power: 220 V, 50 Hz, 0.34 kW

Coffee machines are widely used in cafes, bars and restaurants for preparing of coffee and coffee drinks. Such professional coffee machines promote rapid and quality service. Traditionally coffee machines consist of a heating element, coffee dosage unit and several containers (water tank, coffee beans containers and waste tank). They are also equipped with built-in coffee grinder and pump to separate spent coffee grounds from the freshly brewed coffee.

Coffee beans in such coffee machine are milled first (herewith, coffee grind may be a fine, medium or coarse) and then compressed and humidified. After that, hot water is supplied under pressure through a prepared coffee mass, that ensures good taste and flavor so prized by lovers of this drink. With professional coffee machines it is easy to prepare different kinds of coffee, for example, with espresso machines alongside preparing espresso, you can make also latte, cappuccino, etc.