Johny ΑΚ/15

volume: 1x5 l, dimensions: 250x335x480 mm

Johny ΑΚ/15-F

volume: 1x8 l, dimensions: 250x335x545 mm

Hot and cold drinks dispensers (juice, coffee, cocoa, etc.) are widely used in bars, cafeterias, fast food, etc.

For easy vending of juice can be used also post-mix and pre-mix beverage dispensers. Thus, in the post-mix dispensers for beverages (juice) mixing of juice concentrate with water in certain proportions and cooling occurs, it allows you to get a quality product direct in food service line. This professional equipment enables preparation of several types of juice or nectar.

Depending on the concept of your catering facility the produced with the post-mix dispenser beverage may be poured portionwise into cups or decanters for guests serving. The use of such dispensers is more economical than buying of traditional packaged juices, as well as reduces the logistics costs and warehousing. The principle of operation of the pre-mix beverage dispensers is different from the post-mix models of dispensers. Ready-made juice is cooled and portioned for serving in them.

Hot drink dispensers for coffee, cocoa, hot chocolate are also widely used in catering establishments. Heating controllers installed in this equipment enable providing a proper temperature of drinks served to guests. The use of dispensers for hot drinks facilitates the service of your catering establishment and allows increasing your sales.