Waring Pro IC70

output - 22.68 kg/hr, volume - 2.5 l, dimensions: 241.3x158.75x387.35 mm

Ice-crushers (Ice-crushing machines) is a professional bar equipment designed for producing crushed ice. Ice chips, produced by such equipment are widely used for making various alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails, alcoholic drinks, as well as for festive decoration of dishes. Furthermore, ice crushers allow to process cube ice into flake ice, that enables to use it for storage and display of various chilled products, including seafood.

For bar or restaurant electrical or mechanical ice shredders will be the best variant. The principle of operation of ice-crusher is quite simple – cube ice is loaded through a special socket, and then milled by horizontal blades. Regulation of the distance between blades allows to change the size of the final product. Herewith, the use of mechanical ice crushing machines require more attention of the working staff, which makes such professional machines less popular than automatic ice-crushers.