Different types of electromechanical equipment take fundamental place in the kitchen space in every food service establishment, whether it's a luxury restaurant or a small street fast food. Even a simple listing of possible equipment would take more than one page. And, of course, the choice of professional kitchen equipment for preparation and processing of food mostly depends on the size of your food facility and assortment of dishes prepared in your kitchen. In the butcher shop you will be need band saws, meat grinders, meat tenderizers, meat mixers, cutters and blixers. In the production of semises are used sausage stuffers, dumpling machines and machines for half-finished meat. For the production of bakery and pastry you need flour sifters, spiral kneaders, dough dividers, pasta sheet machines and moulders. If your restaurant offers Italian dishes you will not go without a cheese grater, pasta machine and pizza press. In the vegetable shop are always in demand (including potato peeling machines) also vegetable cutting machines. But even in that case if your kitchen is small and does not involve dividing into different functional spaces, you will need food processors, immersion mixers and bread slicer machines. Electromechanical equipment range determines an assortment of dishes offered by your public catering establishment whether it's a small cafe, or a large restaurant at the club.