Pavailler EURO 2000 ST

output - 1200 pcs/hr, maximum piece weight - 1200 g, rollers length: 750 mm, mains power: 380 V, 50/60 Hz, 0.55 kW

Pasta sheet machines are suitable for automatic and fast rolling of thin tortillas (pita bread), pizza dough and egg dough. Rolling cylinders provides uniform thin layer of dough of desired thickness. Together with electrical pasta sheet machines and for the same reason are often used a moulder in a professional kitchen (dough moulding machine) for forming and rolling dough for pizza, bread and bakery products. This equipment is easy to operate and maintain. Also, in some public food facilities are used presses for pizza, which is ideal for making circular pizza crust (crust) of any thickness and size. Furthermore it is possible to regulate the thickness and diameter of baking pizza crusts. This professional equipment enables preparation of up to 400 pizza crusts in an hour. Such equipment will be of great benefit for pastry shops, pizzerias and other public catering facilities. With pizza press you will get a possibility to facilitate and speed the work of chefs and staff that will provide a quick and hygienic production of quality bakery products and success of any culinary business in general.