Пензмаш МПМ-800М

output - 500 kg/hr, hopper material - stainless steel, dimensions: 860x670x1310 mm, mains power: 380 V, 50/60 Hz, 1.1 kW

Mechanical flour sifters are indispensable in professional kitchens, bakeries, cafes, and other public food facilities, offering fresh pastry.

Such equipment as flour sifters is designed for clarification of large amounts of flour from any impurities, loosening and oxygen saturation, thats makes flour products more airy, sweet and tasty. Besides, flour sifters clarify flour from possible harmful metallic impurities.

This equipment is quite easy to operate. Using of flour sifters increases productivity, as well as improve the quality of baking. Delicious bakery products is a great way to increase the profits of your catering facility.

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