'Apach Куттер apach act4'

volume: 3.3 l, speeds quantity - 1, dimensions: 305x365x255 mm, mains power: 220 V, 50 Hz, 0.35 kW

'Apach Куттер apach act6'

volume: 5.3 l, speeds quantity - 1, dimensions: 305x365x320 mm, mains power: 220 V, 50 Hz, 0.35 kW

'Apach Куттер apach act9'

volume: 9.4 l, speeds quantity - 1, dimensions: 355x455x380 mm, mains power: 220 V, 50 Hz, 0.7 kW

In professional kitchen cutters are used for cooking a variety of pastes, purees, creams and mousses, and also for kneading the dough and preparation of mince of different consistencies. The distinguishing feature of this type of equipment are the low knives, that provides the possibility to easily process even small portions of food.

When choosing the cutter it is necessary to take into account the cup capacity, on which fully depends the volume of production and the number of knives in the set. As for the material of the cup, they are typically made ​​of stainless steel, and the cover is plastic.

Such equipment as cutter is widely used in meat production. Using a meat cutter you can produce different kinds of sausages, frankfurters and wieners. This equipment enables a high degree of grinding and as a result, homogeneity of the structure of raw material, and other characteristics which are important for producing high-quality sausage filling.

Furthermore, in production of sausages are also used vacuum cutters, which distinctive feature is the processing of raw materials in vacuum. The use of this equipment has a number of additional advantages, for example, vacuum environment may significantly reduce the air content in the emulsions for liver or cooked sausages. Furthermore, processing of raw materials using a vacuum cutter allows to increase the average time of shelf life expiry date, but also slow down the process of oxidation of ingredients during processing, which also has a positive effect on the characteristics of such products (sausages, etc), as odor and color.