'Abat Мясорубка abat мэп-300'

output: 300 kg/hr, loading tray - true, meat intake opening diameter - 82 mm, auger material - stainless steel, mains power: 230 V, 50/60 Hz, 1.9 kW

Electromechanical meat grinders are typically used in catering establishments. These machines are perfect for meat and fish grinding (preparing mincemeat of desired consistency), as well as for other kinds of products, such as soft fruits and vegetables, biscuits. Some industrial meat grinders grind frozen meat. Different nozzles for meat grinders enable other culinary procedures, for example, making fried sausages, slicing or grating of hard vegetables, cooking of tomato paste, squeezing of juice from soft fruits and vegetables. Such professional kitchen equipment would bring substantial benefits to any culinary business, as the capacity of some models can reach up to 500 kilograms of meat per hour. Meat grinders of new generation are meat shredders – multi-operated machines that combine functions of grinder and meat mixer. Such equipment increases productivity and profits of culinary department stores and public catering enterprises.