General equipment may greatly facilitate and improve work of any catering facility, whether it is a small cafe or large dining hall. However, the spectrum of neutral equipment is wide enough and, in fact, it is refered to a large variety of groups of professional equipment. First of all, there are mounted attachments which include various types of water filters, range hoods and grease traps. Typically this types of professional equipment are mounted above cooking area. This equipment allows to maintain normal climate and cleanliness in the kitchen space. General equipment also includes various kinds of tanks and kitchen sinks. Decoration of kitchens consists of great variety of stands, racks, shelves, industrial tables and cabinets. Trolleys and carts greatly facilitate the work, both in the kitchen and in hall, intended for food service and collection of food tableware. Furthermore, general equipment provides convenience of work and have positive effect on the profitability of every catering establishment.