Washing sinks are widely used in catering. They are used for washing dishes and kitchen utensils, as well as for defrosting of frozen food for subsequent preparation.

Containers of such sinks are usually seamless or welded, made of stainless steel and vary in size. Their framework consists of a all-welded or dismountable metal profile. The design of washing sinks, which provide the slope, allow to avoid stagnation of water, and special fold edges make their operation safer for the staff.

Washing sinks may be both moving and stationary, on fixed legs, and also may be equipped with drain valves, special covers and have additional working space. By the type of washing sinks they are divided into one-, two-and three-sectioned.

Together with sinks are typically installed pre-rinse units, which may be wall- or deck-mounted. Pre-rinse units are used for scrapping large cookware items which often have food before loading them into dishwashers. In fact, dushiruyuschee device is a small hand-held shower used to wash dishes with a large food particles before loading it into the dishwasher. Furthermore, this type of equipment is widely used in commercial kitchens, equipped with door type and front-loading dishwashers. In addition, pre-rinse units may be used for cleaning of raw products (for example, fish or meat) necessary for the preparation of various dishes.