Frima Basket cart

dimensions: 800x700x1600 mm

Frima VarioMobil 112

dimensions: 418x540x677 mm, gastronome containers capacity - 4

Catering trolleys are specially designed for transportation of ready meals and dishes, drinks, tableware, and also products and semises. Their racks and guides are made especially of stainless steel to provide longer life. Moving of trolleys is occured by rolling of four swivel castors, two of which have locks to avoid accidental movement. Trolleys may have different number of shelves, depending on the model of a trolley. Furthermore, catering trolley may have various applications. Service trolleys are generally used for moving of ready meals and tableware in the guest area. For transportation of dirty dishes in the washing department may be employed common serving trolleys and also special dirty dish collection trolleys with high ledges for prevention falling-out of plates. Using these trolleys you can also easily transport gastronorm containers. The design of such trolleys provides secure fixation.