North Catering Capa 1

wall mount, exhaust, dimensions: 1150x1040x165 mm

North Catering Capa 2

wall mount, exhaust, dimensions: 1520x1040x165 mm

North Catering Capa 3

wall mount, exhaust, dimensions: 590x600x100 mm, mains power: 230 V, 50/60 Hz, 0.14 kW

Wall-mounted and island range hoods provide purifying of air from odors and pollutants from VOC, cigarette smoke, cleaning supply smells, and gases. In both types of range hoods there are easy-to-remove filters and housing. In this equipment normally are installed grease filters, which protect exhaust duct from fats and oils. These filters may be both spark quenching and labyrinth type. All island and wall range hoods are divided into two main groups - exhaust and input-extract. And the exhaust and input-extract zones provide air purifying from the fumes and grease, and the main difference between them lies in the fact, that the input-extract range hoods also provide an additional supply of clean air, which is of great demand in working premises with a large release of heat. Used in manufacture of input-extract and exhaust range hoods stainless steel provide them reliability and long service life. This neutral equipment can have differences in a number of characteristics: size, active filter area, power, etc. Furthermore, a number of models of range hoods have the function of illumination. In this equipment are used halogen lamps. Prices for exhaust and input-extract range hoods are directly depend on the characteristics of the equipment.